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We are the Makers of today's ultimate deerstand!

As the cadillac of the stand industry, our plastic deerstands can be used to hunt a variety of animals, such as turkey, bear, elk, moose, deer, etc. Fechtner deer stands are made from a highly durable plastic, so it stands up against the bitter weather.


The deerstands are very warm and with a buddy heater, they are especially cozy. The deer stands round design makes it resistant towards the wind and make it very easy to maneuver around inside the deer stand.


The deerstands are easily transportable whether you buy our portable stand or our standard tower stand. Our deer hunting stands are able to fit in any standard pick-up bed and can be tipped up with ease.

Looking for a deer stand? Our stands are a step above the rest! We are currently located in West Central MN and have dealers all over the U.S. so feel free to give us a call and find out where you can find one of our quality stands!



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