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Portable Deerstand Rifle AND Bow Hunting Stands

Our portable hunting stands are available in our one OR two man hunting stands, easily customized to fit your needs.

Their frames are made to be durable for the harsh fall or winter conditions that sometimes occur. The door is placed in the back with its own step making it safer than climbing around the hitch. Though our hunting stands are made for durability, they still keep the feature of being light enough for you to lift and move by yourself.

Our extremely durable and quiet deer hunting stands allow for customization of window placement for your shotgun and rifle openings. Our windows are designed to make your hunting experience more enjoyable. The hinges have been changed from horizontal to vertical and can be easily clipped back when you need to be extremely quiet. Your stand will keep your scent from scaring off game like open hunting stands made of plywood or fabric. It also keeps the noise level down unlike blinds and other materials that flap noisily in the wind. They also include a propane tank holder for those cold days!

Can you spot our hunting stand in the photo above? The color choices we have chosen for our stands allow them to easily blend into their environments.

Our Portable Hunting Stand Trailers come with 2" Coupler and an Ball attachment on the back for traveling with more than one deer stand. They are also very easy to handle and light enough for a grown man to move at 200 pounds, increasing their portability. 

If you would like information on becoming a dealer or need help finding a dealer, we here at Fechtner Manufacturing are willing to help the best we can.

Call us at 1-218-685-5470 to discuss buying one or more.



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