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Rifle AND Bow Hunting Deer Stands

Our two man models have been designed to make your stay in your stand on those cold mornings more comfortable as it snows, blows, or rains on the outside!




To be positive the animals can't see you moving around in your stand the insides are now black. That's right our deerstands are now TWO-TONED. Sand on the outside and black on the inside!


To make your stay more comfortable for two people, the two man stands are a whole foot wider than the one man at 6'6" wide, if you look at the two pictures just above you can see the difference in the width. So when you bring along a friend to hunt with you everyone has ample elbow room. And speaking of elbows!


Only available in the two man stands, the amazing feature of arm rests!!! These arm rests can also be used as shelves as there are a total of 5, one under each window. Also now included in all our two man stands are shelves above the windows. There is also a special place for your buddy heater to keep you warm on those cold days.


Our windows keep the same design as the one man stands and are still large enough to be used for not just rifle hunting, but bow hunting as well. Still keeping you on the lookout with 5 windows, that open with ease with a vertical hinge. When you spot the big buck in your sights, don't lose out by dealing with needless hassles other stands give you. They also include shelves above all five windows as well. Also to make sure you stay safe on your hunting explorations, one of our options on the stands includes a strip of orange above the windows to ensure other hunters see your stand.

Our doors also include two lockable T-handles to ensure your valuebles stay safe when youre away, but makes it easy to open your stand up on those early mornings.

Many Features are the same in both models though, including the quality and the easy portability. Our deer stands are still have the ability to fit with ease in the back of any average pickup bed. We still use quality hardware on every inch of our hunting stands. Our stands also still stand tall at a manageble and comfortable height at 7'. We thrive to make our customers happy!


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