Quality Materials for a Long-Lasting, Reliable Stand

Fechtner Stands are the Most Effective on the market. What makes them so successful?

Fechtner Stands
Another successful hunt.

our stands are made of durable plastic, are non-porous and virtually impossible to impregnate with human scent. Additionally, all FTB outdoor products are made by hunters for hunters, worldwide – right in rural Minnesota.

Unlike wood or canvas, your scent cannot be absorbed, making it difficult for animals such as deer or turkeys to detect you through smell.  As you can see from the photos, one of the best features of our stands is that they disappear into the fall foliage.  With the factory charcoal or tan color, you’ll look like you belong and game will walk right into range.

Intelligent Engineering for the Discerning Sportsman

Fechtner stands are uniquely designed in an oval shape to withstand wind, rain and snow. Not only attractive, the aerodynamic form allows wind to travel around the stand – unlike square box stands, where flat walls increase the risk of tipping. This stable design greatly reduces the chance of finding your hunting palace laying in the mud.

Our lightly-tinted, Lexan™ windows are

Quiet Windows, Fechtner Stands

recessed into the stand, with slanted ledges. The extended roof is angled, as well, to help repel rain, snow or sleet. Furthermore, this design minimizes bird nesting, preventing a potential nuisance before it begins.

During the colder fall and winter months, our stands stay comfortable – especially when used with a properly-ventilated heater.

Plus an attached base

Built with heavy-duty, pre-drilled steel that’s ready for standard 4×4 and 2×4 lumber (optional). With a fully-assembled hunting pod, you’re set to hunt.

Fechtner Stands: Designed with You in Mind

Image Custom Camoflauged Fechtner Stands

They are also very easy for you to customize for your needs or wants, if you desire a certain placement for your stand. Go out and buy a few cans of camo paint spray paint and really make them a part of the foliage…

We pride ourselves in being the best; manufactures of professional looking deer stands inside & out.  If you would like more information look around the website or call